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                                     Willie McDonald


American, and British oil companies lied, and deceived the world in believing crude oil, and natural gas (O&G) was created for no purpose, and taking O&G, and the pressure from O&G wells will do no harm. American, and British geologists, and scientists pioneered exploration, and utilization of O&G. Crude oil, and natural gas was created to fuel this planet, and not our cars. O&G fuels earth's molten lower mantle, and outer core. The earth's molten mantle, and core is not sustained by radioactive. 

Why do you think there's so many O&G wells all around this planet, and in both hemispheres? O&G wells are located all around this planet, and in both hemispheres, and in the Arctic, and Antarctica to evenly heat the Earth's molten mantle, and core. It's the combustion of O&G that provides the high temperatures, and pressures in Earth's interior. Its O&G that's directly, and indirectly responsible for earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. The molten temperature in the Earth's mantle, and core generates Earth's magnetic gravity fields, which perform many task, one of which holds this planet in a stable orbit around the sun. Earth's orbit around the sun is now destabilizing.

Analyzing volcanic emissions anywhere on this planet will reveal O&G by-products emissions, which is an indicator that O&G are burning in earth's mantle, and outer core. Volcanoes are the Earth's exhaust system. Volcanoes regulate pressure, and rid the mantle, and outer core of O&G by-product, or spent fuel. The burning of O&G supplies the pressure, smoke, O&G by-product gases, and high temperatures discharged from volcanoes.

The strength and frequency of volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes determines the health, and the functionality of Earth's interior. The extraction of O&G, and the high pressure from the crust are causing Earth's  mantle, and core to slowly cool, and magnetic/ gravity fields to slowly weaken, and is causing earth's orbit around the sun to slowly alter, which is slowly altering earth's climate. All life on this planet is in danger, and slated for extermination

Keywords: Electromagnetic/Gravitational Energy (EMGE), Orbital Decay, Crude oil, Natural Gas (O&G), O&G By-Product,Volcanoes, Core, Lower Mantle, Upper mantle, Nuclear Dynamo Process, Radiation, Greenhouse Gas, Heat, Pressure, solar Winds, Chandler's wobble, Cannibalism, climate Change.


People take the earth’s electro-magnetic/gravity field (EMGF) for granted, because earth's EMGF are invisible, and silent.  These energies are similar in many ways, they function in unison, and one can't exist without the other. These three elements are like water, and ice, they are the same elements, but in different forms.The earth's EMGF protects all life on the surface of this planet from the sun by holding the earth in a stable orbit around the sun, and holds the moon in a stable around the earth. It protect life on this planet from deadly sun's high velocity solar winds. If it wasn’t for the a planet's EMGF the sun's solar winds, which can reach speeds of a million mile per hour would pushed Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars out of their orbits. All life, the air we breathe, the oceans, and structures on earth's surface would be swept away into space. Without a planet's EMGF these planets would be pulled into the sun, by the sun's gravity.

The solar winds are made up of electrons, protons, neutrons, ions, plasma, which is similar to charged gas, and these elements does have mass. The solar winds also charges the earth ionosphere, and is responsible for thunderstorm, tornadoes, hurricanes etc, these are all EMGE phenomenon. Earth's also generate electrical energy. Its EMGF brushes against the EMGF of space, and charges Earth's ionosphere with electricity. The earth's EMGF also protect life from the harshness of space. It holds this planet together, holds life, objects, and the ocean to the surface of this planet. It retains the air we breathe, and keep it from escaping into space, it protects life on this planet from solar flares, deadly radiation, poisonous gases, and the vacuum of space. 

The  ten deadly anomalies below proves earth's orbit around the sun is destabilizing. These anomalies are in the beginning stages, and are continuing to progress slowly. I don't know when, or which anomaly will cause death, and destruction first, because they all are progressing at different rates. The progression of these ten anomalies should be measured by 100 years intervals. Somethings is going wrong with the earth's EMGF, its orbit around the sun, and moon's orbit around the earth. Action is required, before its too late.


                    THE TEN DEADLY ANOMALIES

(1). The earth's rotation is continuing to slow down.

(2). The moon's orbit around the earth is destabilizing. 

(3).  The northern hemisphere in getting warmer 

(4).The ice is melting, in the arctic, and gaining ice in antarctica. 

(5). Sea levels are rising.

(6). Please keep an eye on this particular anomaly
As of 2014 I'm 61 years old. When I was a young boy I remember that the hottest part of the day was always twelve noon, now the hottest part of the day is late in the after noon around 3 to 5 o'clock PM, when it should begin to get cool.  As the earth orbit decays it will continue to be hot later, and later in the after noon, and evening.

(7). Earth's lower mantle, and core are progressively cooling at an accelerated rate, causing mild, and irregular volcanic eruptions, and causing the earth's EMGE to weaken. 

(8). The earth has developed a breach (hole) in its magnetic field, which protects life on this planet from the environment of space, and solar winds. The earth's magnetic field, or shield is showing signs of collapsing.  

(9).  The earth's orbit around the sun is decaying. Charts Which Prove That
Chandler's Wobble Is Progressively Shifting. New analysis shows that the Chandler
Wobble in Earth's axis changed phase by 180 degrees in 2005. 

                                   Provided by: Michael Mandeville, and MIT.

Table513_cp_polarmotion1909-2001_min.gif (18426 bytes)

fig-2: The Earth's axis has shifted 180 degrees.

(10).The drafting, or reversal of earth's magnetic field, and poles are moving 40 km (24.85 miles) per year from 1831 - 2001.  170 year times 24.88 miles is approximately 4,229 miles (6800 km) movement of Earth's magnetic field, and its progressing. Provided by: NASA

see caption 




figure 1: The pathways of a crude oil, and natural gas wells extends from the crust down to the lower mantle, and the pathways of a volcano extends from the lower mantle up to the surface of earth. Crude oil, and natural gas is forced into the mantle, and lower mantle, and enters the lower mantle as flames, heat , and pressure, which is the cause for volcanic eruption. The crude oil, and natural gas is ignited by the residual high temperatures in the lower mantle.  The lower mantle heats  the outer core, and the outer core heats the inner core, and the inner core generates earth's magnetic, and gravitational fields. One of the components of crude oil, and natural gas is oxygen, so ignition of crude oil, and natural gas is possible. Our atmosphere is derived through volcanic eruptions. The air we breathe originate from the mantle, and lower mantle. If the high temperature in the core is sustained by a nuclear dynamo-process, then why is there little to no radiation discharged during volcanic eruptions. Only low levels of non-fission benign, and non-lethal  radioactive ash, gases, and lava are discharged, so the core  could not be sustained by nuclear dynamo-process, there's no radiation to speak of. All volcanic discharge (lava, gases, etc) contain crude oil, and natural gas residue

Volcanoes, and Super volcanoes terraform this planet millions of years ago by the release of O&G by-product, oxygen and oxidiers, and other trance gases into Earth's atmosphere.  The burning of O&G in the lower  mantle supplies volcanic pressure. All gases in Earth's atmosphere originated from within the mantle of this planet, and are separated according to their atomic weight within earth's atmosphere. The gases discharged from volcanoes are trapped in Earth's atmosphere by the Earth's magnetic field, then life was brought to this planet such as plants, insect, animals, then humans. None of these species can survive without oxygen.

Plants can't create, or manufacture air, or oxygen. Plants absorbs carbon dioxide, and other gases, and  release the oxygen, but there has to be carbon dioxide, and other gases, and oxygen already present. All gases (oxygen) in Earth's atmosphere originated form the lower mantle. Volcanoes terraform Earth atmosphere. 
Oxygen is just one of any gases within the mantle of this  planet, and is released into the earth's atmosphere during volcanic activity.

The principal components of volcanic gases are made up of  crude oil, and natural gas by-products, and Oxidizers (oxygen). 

Oxidizer: a compound in which oxygen is bonded to one or more electro-positive atoms. Any compound of oxygen with another elements. 

Oxygen, heat, and other element s are needed to create oxidizers, so there is oxygen in the mantle, and the combustion of crude oil, and natural gas is possible.

high pressures,  high temperatures, water vapor (H2O), oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfurdioxide (SO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), nitrogen, argon helium, neon, methane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Other compounds detected in volcanic gases are  (meteoric), hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoridehydrogen bromide, nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulfur hexafluoride, carbonyl sulfide, and organic compounds. Exotic trace compounds include methylmercury, halocarbons (including CFCs), and Halogen oxygen radicals. Low levels of benign radiation.

                               The Mechanism of Earth's Interior

(1). O&G wells are the earth’s fuel system. The Earth fuel system operates on heat, and pressure. O&G wells are located all around the planet for even heating of the low mantle, and outer core. O&G wells forces crude oil, and natural gas down into the  mantle,  where it is ignited by the high residual temperatures in the lower mantle, where it enters the lower mantle as flame, heat, and pressure. The mantle, and O&G are saturated with oxygen, and other trance gases, so the combustion of crude oil, and natural gas in the mantle is possible.

(2)The lower mantle, and core are the Earth’s engine. The Earth's core generates the Earth's EMGE. The Earth is an electromagnetic, gravitational generator, and biosphere. It EMGE bushes against the EMGE of space, and charge Earth ionosphere with electrical enegy.

(3). Volcanoes are the earth's exhaust system. Any device, or machine that utilizes O&G to generate heat, and pressure needs an exhaust system. Volcanoes remove spent fuel, and they regulate the pressure in the crust, and mantle. The burning of O&G supplies volcanic heat, and pressure. Volcanoes, and super volcanoes terraformed Earth's atmosphere by the release of air/oxygen, and other gases such as crude oil, and natural gas by-product, and oxydizers (oxygen) into the atmosphere, which was stored in earth's mantle. The terraforming of earth's atmosphere was completed before the existence of plants, insects, animals, and humans on this planet. None of these life forms can survive without air/oxygen.

(4). The oceans are the Earth's cooling systems.
Without the oceans the Earth's core would have burn its way through the mantle, and crust of this planet to the surface long ago.

The oil, and gas (O&G) extraction process used by the oil companies prevents O&G from being forced into the  mantle to be ignited by the lower mantle's residual high temperatures, thereby lowering the pressures in crude oil, natural gas wells, and lowering the temperature, and pressure in the mantle. The O&G enter into the lower mantle as flames, heat, and pressure, thereby heating, and pressurizing the mantle, and lower mantle, which heats the inner core, and the inner core generates earth's EMGE. The ignition of O&G are responsible for violent volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes in the upper crust. The low levels of benign non-fission nuclear isotopes can't generate heat, nor pressure without being enriched, but crude oil, and natural gas can. 

The lack of O&G into the lower mantle causes the core to cool, and the pressure to drop, and weakens the earth's EMGE (field). Today's volcanic eruptions are more mild, and less occur with more irregularity, than volcanic eruptions in the past. Earth's EMGE are weakening, causing the earth orbit around the sun to destabilize. If the earth magnetic, and gravitational field isn’t stabilize the earth’s orbit around the sun will continue to destabilize. The earth is a magnetic, and gravitational field generator. The earth's magnetic, and gravitational fields, and its orbital velocity around the sun are the mechanisms that keep the earth in a stable orbit around the sun.

 The earth’s lower mantle is being fuel starved from the lack of O&G, which is causing the temperature, and the pressure in the  mantle, lower mantle , and outer core to drop. As the core cools, and pressure drops the earth’s EMGE will weakens. This is causing the earth's orbit around the sun to destabilize. The high temperature, and pressure in the earth’s mantle is not sustained by decaying nuclear isotopes, or by a nuclear dynamo process. nuclear activity can't generate pressure directly, unless its explodes. The radiation would be so pervasive in the lower mantle, and outer core that it would have made its way to the surface of this planet via volcanic eruptions long ago, and kill all life, and contaminate the air, the water ways, and the land surrounding all volcanoes with deadly radiation. Radiation is deadly to life on this planet, and is absorbed by all elements. Only low level benign non-fission isotopes are discharged from volcanoes. The radiation levels are so small, no radiation protection garments are needed when scientists come in contact with lava, and gases discharged from volcanoes. There has never been any dangerous radioactive fall out from volcanic eruptions. 

The lower mantle is not a Nuclear Reactor: Small amounts of  low levels benign non-fission isotopes are discharged from volcano such as unenrichedUranium-238, plutonium-238, radium-226, potassium-40, thorium-232, polonium-210, Carbon -14, etc. The radiation levels of the isotopes are not suitable for fission, or fusion reactors. The high temperature in the core is not sustained by a nuclear dynamo-process. The core uses crude oil, and natural gas to generate heat, and pressure. There is no enriched radioactive isotopes in the core capable of fission. The lower mantle is not a fusion reactor. If the high temperatures in the lower mantle was sustain by nuclear fission, or nuclear dynamo process large amounts of hazardous, and/or lethal radiation would be discharge during volcanic eruptions instead of the non-hazardous background radiation discharged form volcanoes.

How to Reverse Earth's destabilizing, and Decaying orbit around the sun

The only way to reverse global warming is for the oil companies to return the crude oil, and gas back into the ground, and re-pressurize the earth’s fuel systems, because the crude oil, and natural gas extraction process used by the oil companies reduces O&G volumes, and the pressure in crude oil, and natural gas wells (Earth's fuel system).
The more oil, and gas that are forced into the lower mantle the higher the temperature, and pressure in the mantle, and outer core, the stronger the earth's EMGE, and the stronger volcanic eruption. When a oil, and gas well becomes over pressurized in the crust an earthquake is generated. The less oil, and gas forced into the lower mantle the lower the temperature, pressure, and the weaker the earth's EMGE, and the weaker volcanic eruptions. Earthquakes are caused by excess pressure in the crust, and mantle. There are only two forces in the crust, and mantle that's heat, and pressure.

The core is cooling slowly, because the core is receiving less fuel, and is surrounded by the best insulation known to man, and that is rock, and soil. It will take many decades for the lower mantle to cool, and to reheat the outer core, and many more centuries to reheat the inner core to normal temperatures. Restoring earth's fuel system back to normal pressures will stabilize earth's orbit around the sun, and If not done in time all life on this planet will perish.


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