Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Global Warming Conspiracy

White American, and British's oil companies lied, and deceived the world in believing crude oil, and natural gas (O&G) was created for no purpose, and taking O&G, and the pressure from the ground will do no harm. American, and British geologist, and geophysicist pioneered exploration, and utilization of O&G. O&G was created to fuel this planet, and not our cars. O&G fuels earth's molten lower mantle, and outer core. The earth's molten mantle, and core is not sustained by radioactive, or electrical energy. 

Why do you think there's so many O&G wells all around this planet, and in both hemispheres? O&G wells are located all around this planet, and in both hemispheres, and in the Arctic, and Antarctica to evenly heat the Earth's molten mantle, and core. It's the combustion of O&G that provides the high temperatures, and pressures in Earth's interior. Its O&G that's directly, and indirectly responsible for earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. 
The molten temperature in the Earth's mantle, and core generates Earth's magnetic gravity fields, which perform many task, one of which holds this planet in a stable orbit around the sun. Earth's orbit around the sun is now destabilizing.

Analyzing volcanic emissions anywhere on this planet will reveal O&G by-products emissions, which is an indicator that O&G are burning in earth's mantle, and outer core. Volcanoes are the Earth's exhaust system. Volcanoes regulate pressure, and rid the mantle, and outer core of O&G by-product, or spent fuel. The burning of O&G supplies the pressure, smoke, O&G by-product gases, and high temperatures discharged from volcanoes.

The strength and frequency of volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes determines the health, and the functionality of Earth's interior. The extraction of O&G, and the high pressure from the crust are causing Earth's  mantle, and core to slowly cool, and magnetic/ gravity fields to slowly weaken, and is causing earth's orbit around the sun to slowly alter, which is slowly altering earth's climate. All life on this planet is in danger, and slated for extermination 

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